California's administrative agencies are governed by the Administrative Procedure Act ("APA"). The APA requires California agencies to adopt regulations in accordance with its rules and procedures specific to the industry it oversees. From the Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control to the State Personnel Board, California has over three hundred government agencies regulating businesses and professions.

The attorneys at Alves Radcliffe know that government regulations can have a substantial impact on your business's ability to operate. Administrative actions have the ability to impose substantial costs and hurdles to your business requiring the knowledge and experience of a law firm that can successfully guide you through the challenges of dealing with government agencies and respond on your behalf.

The attorneys at Alves Radcliffe frequently represent clients before administrative agencies and their appeals boards and have the experience and insight to assist your business no matter the complexity. Below are just a few of the State agencies that the attorneys of Alves Radcliffe have appeared before and obtaining successful results for their clients:

  • Labor Commission
  • State Personnel Board
  • Board of Barbering & Cosmetology
  • Board of Real Est ate

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