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The attorneys at Alves Radcliffe, LLP are experienced construction law litigators. We prosecute and defend construction claims in court, arbitration, and mediation by providing each client with thoughtful and cost-effective legal services.

Construction Case Results with Alves Radcliffe, LLP

  1. Plaintiffs: Tried a 3-month trial to judgment regarding pool defects and recovered over $500,000
  2. Plaintiffs: Confidential settlement of claims from construction defect, and assault and battery
  3. Defense: Successfully defended a real estate developer from claims of construction defect resulting in a nominal confidential settlement agreement
  4. Defense: Settled over 100 cases representing subcontractors in construction defect cases

Overcome construction law disputes with Alves Radcliffe, LLP

With over 25 years of combined experience, we aggressively represent clients ranging from homeowners to business owners, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and developers. We’ve served clients spanning the spectrum from individuals to companies, resolving cases big and small.

Our clients have reached out to us for help with complex construction law involving private property, commercial real estate, and public works. We’ve also assisted with six-figure claims, recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients. Whatever our client’s role, we do our best to help them successfully navigate and clear legal hurdles.

Contact Alves Radcliffe, LLP’s Gold River office to discuss your construction law dispute at 916-596-1642.

We specialize in the following construction litigation areas:

●     Construction defect litigation

Sometimes construction services don’t go as planned. Defects can arise with cheap materials, faulty equipment, inadequately trained labor, or sheer chance. In these cases, we guide clients through evaluating the defect causes to determine how to protect their rights and get their best possible outcome.

●     Contract disputes

When contractors and their clients disagree on whether a contract was breached or unfulfilled, our construction litigation experts can step in. With thorough analysis of the contract and construction status, we’ll advise our clients on the best legal action to take.

●     Pool construction disputes

Swimming pools projects can cause disputes when the contract is breached, the contractor deviates from the agreed-upon pool design, or the pool needs repairs. If the dispute can’t be resolved without legal assistance, we help clients protect their interests whether they settle through mediation, arbitration, or court.

●     Negligence

Contractors are trusted to do their due diligence when planning and executing a project. Improper construction, failure to follow building codes, and a lack of consideration for safety can cause costly damages. When dealing with negligence cases, we search for signs that a contractor was acting reasonably or carelessly.

●     Indemnity

Construction contracts include an indemnity clause, which covers how damage costs are allocated among the contractor and property owner. A subcontractor might indemnify themself against a general contractor, which means the general contractor isn’t responsible for damage caused by the subcontractor. Indemnity clauses can get complex and involve multiple parties, causing disputes when damages are incurred. We help unravel the complexities to lay out the bare facts, then construct a case to protect our client.

●     Lien claims

A contractor might put a lien on their construction projects to protect themselves from not being paid. If the project owner can’t cover the project cost, the contractor can file a lien claim to have a security interest in it. This makes it difficult for the project owner to sell or refinance until full payment is made. We assist both contractors and project owners with finding a solution until the lien is satisfied.

●     Collections

We help with all forms of payment collection, including lien claims, bond remedies, and stop notices. Contractors in dispute about receiving payment and project owners in need of protection can reach out to us for assistance.

●     Product liability disputes

The construction industry can be dangerous, which is why there are state and federal regulations aimed at keeping contractors and project owners safe. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, whether out of negligence or honest mistake. When faced with a product liability dispute, we work with experts to determine where responsibility for accident or injury lies. With the facts, we make the best case for our client.

Working with Alves Radcliffe, LLP as your construction attorney

Our attorneys have defended and won countless cases while providing clients with the utmost transparency and respect. This is part of our philosophy, which is to meet client needs and litigation objectives with precise legal action. We consider each possible solution to disputes and claims, then talk our clients through the respective advantages and shortcomings.

When you work with us, we’ll get straight to the matter. We’ll move through your case thoroughly and quickly, getting you the results you need to return to your daily life.

Do you need legal assistance with your construction law dispute?

Alves Radcliffe, LLP has over 25 years of combined experience, and serves clients throughout Northern California, Greater Sacramento, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Call us at 916-333-3375 or send us an email to speak with an expert construction attorney.

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