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Why Is Law Important to the Construction Industry?

Construction law represents a practice that exclusively covers construction legal issues, whether you are involved in a commercial or residential construction project. Some of the reasons why you need a construction attorney to provide legal support during a project include signing contracts, following zoning requirements, and ensuring compliance with every safety standard established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Construction law is important to the construction industry for several reasons. The primary purpose of construction law is to set legal guidelines for ensuring the completion of a hassle-free construction project. To understand why construction law is important for the construction industry, you first have to understand the fundamentals behind construction law.

What Are the Fundamentals Behind Construction Law?

Knowing the fundamentals of construction law can help you resolve a dispute. A construction attorney explains the underlying factors that caused a dispute, and then suggests ways to resolve the dispute. Without construction law, disputes would go unresolved and hence, projects would stall. All parties involved in a dispute must have a deep understanding of the legal issues that construction and real estate laws resolve.

Parties involved in disputes that concern violations of construction law include suppliers, general contractors, independent contractors, government regulators, and property owners and operators. Each party involved in a construction dispute should know how to protect their interests if they face a situation that involves another party accusing them of violating one or more construction laws. Working with an experienced construction attorney helps you understand your legal options when it comes to resolving a dispute.

What Are Some Examples of Why Constriction Law is Important to the Construction Industry?

Construction law is important to the construction industry for many reasons. Here are a few common examples that describe why construction law helps protect your financial interests.

Create Property Lines

An often overlooked, yet essential issue that comes up in construction law involves creating property lines. Construction law is important because it establishes the physical boundaries between two or more properties. Working with a construction attorney helps you verify zoning laws that define the use of a property.

Contract Issues

Construction law is particularly important to the construction industry when contract issues arise during a project. Contracts contain information such as costs, deadlines, and project responsibilities. Contract issues represent one of the most common reasons why both contractors and property owners hire construction lawyers. Like most contracts, construction contracts are full of loopholes and confusing legal jargon that requires the legal expertise of an experienced construction attorney.

Payment Disputes

Construction law is important to the construction industry because it describes how to resolve payment disputes. Your construction attorney describes a mechanic’s lien and how it impacts the construction project for both contractors and property owners. Getting paid in full and on time is one of the most fundamental principles established by construction law.

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