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Emergency Repairs and Construction Permits: What You Need to Know

No matter how careful you are, some emergency repairs are unavoidable. When you need to complete a repair quickly, you need to expedite the process, which includes getting a permit.

Getting a construction permit for an emergency repair can be challenging, but a construction attorney can assist. 

Emergency Repairs Defined

If you look up the definition of emergency, you’ll see it is often defined as an unforeseen, serious, often dangerous situation that calls for immediate action. Therefore, an emergency repair must be done right away.

Usually, if an emergency repair is not done promptly, it can result in substantial damage to the surrounding area or entire structure. Common emergency repairs involve:

  • Plumbing, like burst pipes
  • Electrical, like burnt outlets
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Structural issues
  • Weather-related problems
  • Fires

Taking care of an emergency repair can resolve the issue and help avoid further complications and the need for additional repairs. 

Permit Application Process — What To Know

Repairs usually require permits. Permits are necessary to ensure repairs meet legal standards. It’s important to follow the proper application process, as it depends on your city’s requirements. 

You’ll start by submitting an application to your local building department. This usually requires detailing the work that must be done and including certain plans. 

The approval process timeline varies. Sometimes, for emergency situations, you may have the opportunity to get a faster response. Once you obtain approval, you can begin work. You cannot begin making repairs until you’ve received your permit. 

Once the job is complete, you’ll need to schedule an inspection. A building official will inspect to ensure the job was completed according to plan. If so, you’ll receive final approval. 

When applying for a building permit, it’s important to try to increase your chances of approval. First and foremost, familiarize yourself with your project. Knowing the exact details of your repairs, including what needs to be done and an approximate timeline, can greatly help. 

Get to know your local laws and regulations. Every city and building agency has its own rules. Ensuring you’re staying within the parameters of these regulations can help you get approval faster. 

Never be afraid to ask for help. The application process can be complicated and frustrating, especially when you’re trying to complete emergency repairs. Seeking assistance from a construction attorney when you need it can not only help avoid headaches, but it can also help move the process along faster. 

Adhering to Timelines and Urgency

Emergency repairs need prompt attention. For this reason, many city building authorities have emergency permit applications. While other types of permits may take weeks to approve, an emergency permit may get your approval much quicker, often in a matter of days.

Because many repairs require permits, it can affect the timeline of the repair. You can’t work until you receive approval, which can be frustrating. A construction attorney can help you get a quicker approval for emergencies.

Forecasting Costs and Responsibility

Applying for a permit can cost several hundred dollars, depending on the local building department’s fees. This can add to the overall cost of the repair, which can vary greatly depending on the issue and the severity of the emergency. 

Responsibility for repairs and permits depends on the circumstances. Contractors are typically responsible for obtaining permits and overseeing repairs. The person who pulls the permit is responsible for everything permit-related, including scheduling inspections and ensuring they receive final approval to avoid any future issues. 

Legal Considerations and Resources

The individual who applies for a permit is legally responsible for the project. This means that, from the city or county’s perspective, they are liable for any damages. This is partly why hiring a licensed, insured contractor is best.

Legal Help with Emergency Permits

A construction attorney can provide qualified legal guidance and advice. The construction attorneys at Alves Radcliffe proudly serve clients throughout the Bay Area and greater Sacramento. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.