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Building Dreams: Why Your Project Needs Informative Legal Counsel

According to the Associated General Contractors of America, the construction industry creates structures with a combined value of approximately $2.1 trillion each year. With so many projects happening throughout the year, it’s more important than ever for any construction project to have access to informative legal counsel. 

Take a closer look at why a construction accident attorney can be an essential resource for your project.

Grasping the Purpose of a Construction Attorney

One reason general contractors and property owners may choose not to consult a construction attorney for a project is that they are not aware of what exactly a construction attorney does. 

Construction lawyers represent the parties involved in any construction project in California, such as contractors, materials suppliers, and architects, and can assist with all aspects of the project. The general purpose of any construction attorney is to keep the project moving forward while also ensuring their client’s rights and interests are protected. 

An attorney can do this by litigating an issue that arises during the project. The lawyer would seek a resolution that minimizes costs and disruptions to their client and the project.

However, a skilled construction attorney can also act as a preventive problem-solver. By identifying potential legal issues that may cause delays before they come to pass, your construction attorney can help prevent these problems from causing delays and adding to the project’s costs.

Legal Considerations in Construction Projects

In any given project, complicated legal issues can arise that require insightful legal analysis to resolve. Some common examples of legal issues that any construction project would need to navigate include:

  • Obtaining building permits from local and state authorities
  • Negotiating contracts between the various parties
  • Addressing violations of those contracts’ provisions
  • Interpreting and applying local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations

Not every construction project will face the same legal obstacles as other projects do. But you can anticipate that a construction project of any size will have at least some legal issues, the resolution of which can benefit from a construction attorney’s attention.

Advantages of Partnering With a Construction Attorney

Legal issues can arise with even the most well-planned construction projects, due to the nature of the industry. These issues can not only impact the timeline and overall costs of the project, but they can also force a project to come to a halt completely.

Some people attempt to resolve such issues on their own, thinking that the issue is not too serious or that an attorney would cost too much to justify. But a small issue can rapidly transform into a major one, and trying to navigate the complex landscape of construction law can end up costing you much more than attorney’s fees.

A construction attorney has specific knowledge and experience in the industry, which allows them to quickly diagnose a situation and determine the best course of action to address it. An attorney can advocate for you in and out of the courtroom and ensure any obstacle you encounter is navigated as efficiently as possible.

Partnering with an attorney is an investment that can greatly pay off in your favor in the long run.

Your Trusted Construction Attorney in California

Whether your construction project in California is big or small, Alves Radcliffe is a trusted partner with demonstrated experience helping clients. We can help you potentially avoid costly and cumbersome legal battles and prevent unnecessary delays for your project. 

As skilled negotiators and litigators, we can also help you resolve matters that have already developed and are now affecting your project. We will work toward a speedy and positive outcome at the negotiating table and if necessary, in court. Contact Alves Radcliffe to get started today.

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