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5 Ways a Construction Attorney Can Save Your Project Money

Putting together a construction project takes a significant amount of planning. With all of the moving pieces that you’re managing as you get ready to begin, you may not have realized that you should have one more member on your team: a construction attorney. Learn more about why you need one by your side. 

1. Analyzing and Negotiating Contracts

Construction contracts are the basic groundwork for every project you undertake and can include crucial information like timelines, payments, and termination agreements. Unless you’re well-versed in construction law and the legal requirements in your area, you might not be sure if the contract in front of you is a good one. 

A construction attorney will be able to analyze the contract and negotiate better deals, if necessary. They’ll also point out the various details that could affect you in the future so that you’re fully aware of what you’re signing.

2. Evaluating Risks and Implementing Safeguards

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous worksites. Each year, there are 197,300 non-fatal injuries on construction sites throughout the country, making it essential that your site complies with all regulations and remains as safe as possible for everyone. However, that’s easier said than done. 

With a construction attorney helping you, you can ensure that everything is up to state and national standards so that you’re protected, even if someone does get injured. The protection they offer goes further, too, since they can handle permits, environmental regulations, and more. You’ll be able to get guidance on all potential issues you could run into. 

If an issue arises and you end up having to deal with a lawsuit, having the help of a construction attorney saves you time, money, and stress. They’ll be able to represent you throughout the process, including if you end up in court. 

3. Dispute Resolution Strategies

It’s common to have partnerships in place for construction projects. This can sometimes mean dealing with disputes that arise because of poor project coordination or management, financial disagreements, and even missed project deadlines. 

If a dispute arises, you need to have a construction lawyer ready to assist all parties reach an amicable solution. With their help, you may be able to maintain the partnership and potentially save money. 

4. Contract Breaches and Terminations

Construction lawyers can also deal with contract breaches and terminations. It’s not uncommon for construction projects to flounder because of failures to comply with construction agreements. 

You can face claims of poor construction, which are common and could end with you facing a lawsuit. With a lawyer by your side, it’s possible to navigate the breach and potentially fix it. 

5. Delay Prevention

Delays can be deadly for a project, especially if there are clauses in the contract that are time-sensitive. The experience that a lawyer brings to the project helps prevent delays from the start. 

Not only can a lawyer ensure the contract works for you, but they can also help avoid issues that lead to having to halt construction. They also prevent delays by more easily managing disputes among the various parties involved.

Having Experienced Construction Lawyers by Your Side

By having a construction lawyer ready to help you from the start of your project, you can avoid some of the most common pitfalls, including disputes and regulatory mistakes. At Alves Radcliffe, we’re here to help prevent issues while also aiding you in managing any that do arise during the project. Contact our team today to begin.

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