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What Kind of Cases Does a Litigation Lawyer Handle?

As opposed to a construction attorney who addresses legal issues that pertain to a specific industry, a business litigation lawyer handles cases that involve business issues across a wide variety of industries. For example, a business litigation lawyer can negotiate a settlement one week that concerns a trademark violation for an independent restaurant, and the next week, represent a large corporation operating in the manufacturing sector that wants to sue over a breach of contract.

Litigation refers to the process of filing a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages. Filing a compelling civil lawsuit requires a business litigation attorney to gather and organize physical evidence, as well as obtain the statements offered by witnesses that provide legal support for the physical evidence collected. Not all cases involve the trial phase of the litigation process. In fact, a majority of the cases handled by a business litigation lawyer end up reaching a settlement that is agreeable to both parties.

What Are The Most Common Types of Business Litigation Cases Handled by an Attorney?

Business litigation can involve one of several types of legal issues. As attorneys specializing in business and commercial law, the following legal issues represent the most common types of business litigation handled by a California-licensed attorney.

Business Partner Disputes

From a disagreement over control between two small business partners to a dispute involving two or more shareholders of a corporation, business partner disputes cover a wide variety of legal issues. Issues such as mishandled finances, illegal business activities, and arguments about how to manage a company can find their way onto a California judicial docket.

Resolution of business partner disputes can occur inside a civil courtroom or in the office of a properly credentialed arbitrator or mediator. Business partner disputes also can be resolved through negotiations.

Breach of Contract

Business contracts form the relationship established by two parties. A business contract can include defining an employer-employee relationship as well as describing the business relationship between a company and a vendor. The status of a business contract depends on both parties fulfilling their respective legal obligations. Any violation of a business contract can lead to litigation that can involve arguments presented by both parties in front of a judge overseeing a trial.

Breach of contract is a common type of lawsuit that seeks monetary damages for construction contractors.

Why Should I Hire a Business Litigation Lawyer?

A California business litigation lawyer provides several types of legal support, including taking legal action before the expiration of the statute of limitations. An attorney also identifies every legal claim you can submit, as well as anticipates potential counterclaims presented by the other party involved in a business dispute. Your lawyer gathers and organizes physical evidence and interviews witnesses that provide legal support for your case. Managing the discovery phase of the litigation process represents a key responsibility carried out by an experienced business litigation attorney as well. 

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