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What Are The Main Causes of Disputes in Construction?

Construction sites located in the Bay Area and Central California bustle with activity from the break of dawn to before the sun sets to end the workday. The dedicated professionals hired for residential construction projects work hard to keep the projects on track to finish on time and within the budget agreed to by both the general contractor and the residential property owner. Because of the detailed planning required to complete a residential construction project, issues can arise that if not addressed immediately, and can lead to the client or the general contractor taking legal action.

Taking legal action presents many negative outcomes for both parties, which include temporarily stopping or permanently ending a project. An experienced construction attorney helps residential property owners prevent one or more legal issues from disrupting a project. Construction disputes are common occurrences, which leads to the question, what are the main causes of disputes in the construction industry?

Design and Planning Errors

As a residential property owner, you spent time hearing the design plans of the team of professionals working for the general contractor. You received every important piece of information that allowed you to approve the start of your residential construction project. Whether you signed a contract for a minor home renovation or the construction of a new property, you expected the design plan to be implemented without a hitch.

However, changes and variations in the original design plan are common, which can put residential property owners at odds with the general contractor in charge of a construction project. Design and planning errors typically develop early in a project when one or more issues cause the general contractor to change the original design plan. If you experience design and planning errors, a construction attorney can help resolve your real estate dispute.

Delays by a Contractor

Every phase of a residential construction project is extremely time-sensitive. Just a couple of short delays can lead to a major disruption in the completion of a residential construction project. Construction delays are a common element in planning a project, from factoring in inclement weather to a supply chain breakdown for vital materials.

One or more construction project delays can cost residential property owners a considerable amount of time and money, which can prompt the initiation of legal action. An attorney can help you interpret the legal consequences of this type of construction law violation.

Late or Inadequate Reviews by Engineers

Construction engineers play an important role in determining the status of a residential construction project. When a team of engineers delivers a late review or a review that lacks adequate information, a residential construction project can get bogged down in a wide variety of errors. Although one or more mistakes made by a team of engineers can provide a residential property owner with a valid reason to take legal action, working with an experienced construction attorney can help the client avoid the costly and time-consuming litigation process.

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